Air Sculpture: Transforming Balloons into Art

Shows & Education

Janice can both entertain and teach with her balloons in her Shows and Fun-damentals Workshops.


Laugh while you learn!
Two kids on stage with Janice during a Balloon Show
Janice offers a variety of 30-40 stage performances for both educational and just-for-fun events. Below are some her most popular shows. Call to see how Janice can customize your theme into her performance.

The Extra Fun Balloon Show

Sit back, relax, and get ready for magic with a twist - a balloon twist, that is! Here comes a 40 minute stage show that features that beloved classic children's toy... the balloon. Magic is done with balloons, puppets are made from balloons, and, when audience members are called onto the stage to become part of the action, their costumes are made from... you guessed it, balloons!

"The Extra Fun Balloon Show" is appropriate for children of all ages and their families.

It's not just fun... it's extra fun!

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Possibilities with Puppets

"Even very large goals are possible when separated into many small tasks", says Janice. "This is what students will discover in this 'laugh while you learn' program, as we take steps to turn an inanimate object into a puppet with personality."
  • Reading is encouraged for research to make a puppet believable and the ideas accurate.
  • Students will have real choices as we discuss puppet character. Voice, costume and movement will be addressed.
  • Movement will be attained using such principles as friction, gravity, and Newton's Law of Motion.
  • We will talk about basic story structure for putting together a script for a puppet show.
Grade Level: K-5

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The Magical World of Books

"The Magical World of Books" is a fun filled program that stresses the value of books and the importance of reading. Magic, puppets, and audience participation blend together in this 40 minute show. Janice encourages students to begin exploring the many different kinds of books available to read, and the importance of taking good care of them. They'll learn about authors, illustrators, and actively participate in creating their own "choose your own adventure" style of story.

Grade Level: K-3

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Snowball Magic

Janice is proud to introduce her wintertime magic and puppet show: "Snowball Magic". Snowball Magic is a just-for-fun performance for children of all ages and their families. It's a program filled with magical surprises, puppets, and fun. And, since the children help with the magic, they really feel like they are part of the action!

Attention day care providers: This program can be modified for the special interests of preschool children. It's a great way to bring a field trip to you. The children are happy and their parents will be pleased to hear what a great day they had at your day care!

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Workshops with "Class"
Not in Class? All workshops can be modified to accommodate Just-for-Fun events.

Fun-damentals are workshops in a variety of fun artistic disciplines. Students are motivated to learn exciting new skills and encouraged to continue their progress even after the workshops are completed. The goal is to introduce a variety of concepts in fun and enriching ways. These concepts are listed next to each of the following workshops.
Balloon People reading their favorite books

Balloon Art

Proportion / Shapes / Patterns / Fractions / Measurement
In this workshop students will work as a group to create a temporary piece of art made of twisted balloons. They will begin thinking in terms of shapes and patterns as they are opened up to the unlimited possibilities that can be achieved in this art form. Students will watch and learn as we discuss how proportion can turn simple shapes into recognizable creations. The large finished piece can be displayed in the classroom for everyone to enjoy.

As a follow-up to this workshop, teachers will be provided with a fact sheet on the science of balloons and directions for performing an experiment using balloons from the display.

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Body Awareness / Creative Visualization
Does your body language reflect the message you are trying to convey? In mime, body language is essential. In life, body language is an integral part of daily communication. During this workshop students will imagine scenarios and learn mime to explore communication in non-verbal ways.

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Janice helping students plan their Puppets
Janice helping students plan their Puppets
Janice helping students decorate their Puppets


Self Expression / Artistic Creativity
In this workshop, students will watch and learn to design their own puppet with personality. We will discuss researching the puppet's theme to make it believable, and talk about story structure for producing a good script. Each student will create their own "paper bag puppet". This project can tie into your classroom reading list.

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How to Present Yourself
"It's not what you say; it's how you say it."

In this workshop, students will watch and learn to make their own close-up illusion. We will explore how each individual can present this illusion in a completely different way. Also, would your presentation be different depending on the age of your audience? How about the location you are performing at? Presentation in magic is a lot like personal presentation. Making the most appropriate choice can change in different situations. Students will have the opportunity to discuss and perform their illusion in small groups. Some students may present their finished work to the class.

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Janice teaching a student to juggle


Patterns / Rhythm / Visualization / Personal Space / Commitment
"Even large tasks are possible when separated into small steps."

Students will watch and learn the basic skill of toss or contact juggling in this hands-on class. We will visualize different patterns of juggling and hear the different rhythms they make. Students will discover that juggling takes patience and commitment. They will have practice time in class, and go away with the knowledge they need to continue on their own.

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