Air Sculpture: Transforming Balloons into Art

Janice Spagnola's Biography

Family entertainer Janice Spagnola has been twisting balloons for more than 20 years. Her performances throughout Western New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio include such venues as fairs, retail outlets, restaurants, community events, and schools.Janice Spagnola adding an apple to a balloon tree during a live balloon installation for the Niagara County Fair

Janice began her career as award winning character "Twilight", soon advancing her craft as she worked with "Without Words" a musical mime troupe under the direction of Carlton VanPryz.

She began twisting large-scale balloon art in 2004 when she worked as part of the crew of Balloon Manor, a large haunted house made entirely of balloons. Balloon Manor has many rooms for people to tour, and is built with over 100,000 latex balloons.

In 2008, Janice was a featured artist, co-designing and building one of the Balloon Manor rooms (a locker room, complete with a hall for trophies and a shower). Balloon Manor 2008 was featured on the Martha Stewart Show.

Janice is a member of "The Society of American Magicians" and is on the roster of "Young Audiences of Western New York" where she performs educational assembly shows for elementary students.

Janice Spagnola's "Little Miss Muffet" sculpture placed 3rd in the small artistic category at the 2014 national convention, "Twist and Shout".